both-crows-lottie-dargerLottie Darger is a 21 year old singer/songwriter based in Southern Utah where she lives with her husband and their two sons She began writing songs at age 15 and admits to loving words and word play. Her lyrics and melodies demonstrate her unique skill within her songwriting. Not having one set way of writing her songs, Lottie may initially be moved by words, lyrics, lyrical phrasing or various other forms of inspiration. After this initial inspiration, Lottie works on making sure the melodies align with the emotions found within the song’s lyrics.

Lottie’s band Both Crows assists her the final development of her songs. Initially, she will compose a song’s melody on either piano or acoustic guitar and then runs the ideas by the band. Each member of the band develops their own unique contribution to the songs while Lottie steers the direction. Working creatively together, the songs evolve until a mutually satisfying result occurs.

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