Groupie Love ProductsIntoxicating jewelry made with love, inspired by music. Bold and extraordinary like the human heart. Handcrafted, soulful pieces of art. Striking, timeless, and unexpected. Specifically made of guitar picks and guitar strings, perfect for a music festival.

For us, music is food for the soul and an instinctual part of being human–individually and collectively. Four years ago, Mary created an original pair of earrings expressing her individual sense of style, and her love for music. This idea evoked the creation of Groupie Love–a collection of timeless pieces that pay respect to music, and the color of sound that comes with it. Family friends now for 15 years, Mary and Kylie have partnered up to share their appreciation for music and grow this foundation into a blossoming business.

Recognizing the impact music has on the world, our mission is to empower each individual through their personal expression of music, allowing signature styles to speak.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, “Music is the universal language of all mankind.” Without question, thousands of music icons have bridged the gap of formality; challenging the status quo and uniting cultures across the globe. Groupie Love aspires to revolutionize band merchandise and bring together generations through the powerful message of music. May we remind you that music has inspired our world for decades–with purpose. Afterall, music makes the world go around.

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