John Houston And His Gospel Choir

John Houston And His Gospel ChoirJohn Houston has become a household name in Southern Utah, and his reputation for being one of the best musicians around is well-deserved. Houston’s gospel singing career was cut short by the tragic death of his daughter Mechelle, and he packed his bags and said goodbye to Las Vegas; but the seed was planted. A couple of years later, he woke up with a song in his head – one that he couldn’t stop playing. It was the beginnings of his first original gospel song, “Feast Upon the Words,” inspired by his mother’s relentless encouragement for him to drop the rock music and write a hymn. He swore he could never write church music, but his love for the Lord brought him to his knees and a moving, powerhouse gospel song was born.

Born from his beginnings singing with Gladys Knight, Houston’s dream of directing his own gospel choir finally materialized in February of this year, when a group of talented women came together to sing behind him. The “Ladies in Black” include Britta Nielson, Sesha Lundell, Katy Taylor, Amy Leany, Christine Workman, Amanda Hendrickson, Laura LeBaron, Bonnie LaBaron, Lauretta Swansborough, Cathy Jones, Laura Lounsbury, Alice Ericksen and Kourtney Scow, with more to come.

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