The Reals

The RealsComplete with a package of careful arrangements and vibrant textures, The Reals are a band that has managed to create an honest soundtrack of this majestic American West.

Trying to classify The Reals’ sound is difficult. And, as they all admit, they pull from nearly every tradition. From Rhythm and Blues to Americana and Roots music, to just plain old Rock ‘n Roll, they even reel-in a slightly gospel sound.

The Reals work from little mantras. In the recording studio, or on stage – the words are the same: Listen to each other. Play to the room. Play and sing what you feel – not what you think. Give the song what it wants. Give each other the chance to bring out the best in this music.

The Reals are a complete outfit, from their big, rich tones that leap from the fingerwork of the strings sections to the charging percussions and open space in between.

It is strange how a band can be aptly named. But for The Reals, it is apparent that their name fits.

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