Tom Bennett

Tom BennettTom Bennett is an authentic folk blues one man band. Born and raised in the rural North Georgia Countryside, Tom was given his first harmonica by an old lady from West Virginia at 9 years old. Many long hours were spent on the hayfields of Eagle Crest ranch learning the blues. Tom left the south and headed west seeking religion at age 19.

He fell in with Mormon Polygamists, studied Tibetan Buddhism and eventually became a cocaine dealer in Salt Lake City. He was arrested at 26 years old and after going through rehabilitation and the legal system Tom decided to make things right and began working for the Boys and Girls Club. He was a club Director when, at age 32, on April 7, 2013 he began playing the guitar.

He was discovered by a nationally touring blues band and invited to join them on the road as the opening act. Tom has stayed on the road since completing many national tours after having recorded his debut album “The Man Who Shook The Trail of The Devil’s Hounds” on Sweet Salt Records. When he is not on tour he rests in the Southern Utah desert near the town of St. George.

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