Vivian Cook

Vivian CookVivian Cook is a Bay Area singer-songwriter. Her debut album, The Long Shot, produced by R. Walt Vincent (Pete Yorn, Liz Phair) was released by Omnivore Recordings this year. You should like her on Facebook and/or follow her on Instagram, if you feel so inclined.

“Cook delivers idiosyncratic vocals and a steady stream of quotable lines that convey as much attitude as, say, the debuts from Elvis Costello and the Pretenders.” – No Depression

“If the songs on The Long Shot are any indication of what she’s capable of, you can bet this lady’s career is going to skyrocket.” – babysue

“Barring any major catastrophes I can only see Cook going up from here and with a debut this strong, up means way up.” – Dagger Zine

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