Grant Farm

Grant Farm: Friday 6:30 – Main Stage

Grant Farm is a band on a mission. Lead by National Flatpicking Guitar Champion Tyler Grant (Emmitt/Nershi Band), the talented four-piece is built on the foundation of love, family and the joy of music. The Grant Farm train stops at all stations on the North American roots music line, and is not afraid to let…

DJ Bueller

DJ Bueller: Friday 8:00 – Z-Arts Stage

DJ Bueller has been spinning at 80s parties since … well, the 80s. You can hear his mixes on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio’s “First Wave” channel on the “Saturday Night Safety Dance”. Not only does he mix classic 80s, but 80s mashups and remixes as well. [button size=”small” link=”” target=”_blank” color=”blue”]Facebook[/button]

Insect Surfers

Insect Surfers: Friday 8:30 – Main Stage

Planet Earth’s Longest Running Modern Surf Band! INSECT SURFERS were originally formed in the summer of ’79 in Washington, D.C., after guitarist David Arnson envisioned a new Surf Band for the modern era that combined elements of psychedelic rock, 60s instrumentals, and punk rock energy. Touring the U.S. extensively, they released several independent LPs and…

Wirelefant: Saturday 5:00 – Z-Arts Stage

Wirelefant is an alternative rock band formed in Southern Utah. Originally created as an acoustic duo, they have continually developed their sound, changing members throughout. In January 2015 they released a 5 song ep entitled “If I Say”. There are currently four members of Wirelefant, including Brandon Clove on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Dallen…

Ben Miller Band

Ben Miller Band: Saturday 8:30 – Main Stage

The Ben Miller Band plays a gritty, modern mixture of various types of old American heritage music, including blues, bluegrass, folk, and country. Originally, the bandmembers called their sound “Ozark Stomp” as a tribute to the influences from their geographical region, but now refer to it as “Mudstomp” in reference to their label, which focuses…