Gunlock County

Gunlock CountyWell, imagine you are strolling down a red dirt road, watchin’ the dust dance in the evening sky, and off in the distance you hear the sound of music. As you walk closer, you see a little ol’ house, with a full length front porch, all screened in. Soon, you are able to make out two ghostly figures, plunkin’ out them old songs from Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, and others. As you slow down, you hear one of ’em call out to you, “Hey, why’n’t you come set a bit, sing with us? We got a jar under the chair here, and we don’t mind sharin’.” And so it begins, a wild night, song after song, some old favorites, and some destined to become your new favorites. Welcome to the experience of how music used to be, before Nashville, Memphis, and all the other polished up stuff. Have a nice stay, and make sure you come back next time with some of your friends.

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