Jensen Buck And The Family

Jensen Buck And The FamilyPart jam band, part funk, Jensen Buck brought together all of the parts of his musical life and created what is now Jensen Buck & the Family. Find peace in the country side of things while still holding onto his roots of Rock and Reggae. Jensen Buck brings them all together in a storm of rage and love creating a unique and contagious show.

Born in Idaho, then movved and grew up in the plains of Wyoming, Jensen Buck Has Been Singing and dancing his whole life. From Large Church Gatherings at the age of 4 or Singing and Dancing during Half Time Shows In the Wyoming Cowboys Arena at age 10, It didn’t matter because it was always about the music! Jensen Buck has played in many bands with many people working his craft to make it even better.One such band was” 4 on the Floor” and with some his longtime friends the toured and played out the northwest. After all this time Jensen has finally found a home in the Alt. Country/ Reggae Style, as hard as that is to imagine just take out the boom chuck and put in a one drop and there it is country reggae. With song categories ranging all over Jensen Buck has proved himself to be an amazing singer songwriter. Then with the energy that only comes so often in a lifetime Jensen Buck also fronts the band Jensen Buck & the Family which just lights the stage on fire and comes on strong and always leaves you satisfied.

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