Simply Birkenstock“Simply Birkenstock has two specialty Birkenstock Stores. One located in the Concord, New Hampshire the state’s capital and the other in Springdale, Utah at the mouth of Zion National Park. Our story began on vacation one winter. Struggling with painful foot issues we stumbled upon a Birkenstock shoe store. Having heard of Birkenstocks and how they were beneficial to foot health, I made my first purchase of Birkenstock Shoes. My foot issues quickly began to improve and as a bonus so did my back! I wore those shoes everyday for three years straight.

My traveling partner purchased a pair as well and also began to see the benefits. They soon became the only shoes he would wear. Being a farmer he was hard on his footwear and generally went through a pair of work boots every year. After wearing them on the farm for three years and only having to replace the shoe laces, we quickly recognized the value Birkenstock footwear offered. We were both addicted.

On May 1st, 2002 we opened Simply Birkenstock, offering the line of Birkenstock Footwear which we love so much.”

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