Jessika Jacob

Jessika is a local artist who works with acrylics using pointillism to create beautiful paintings out of thousands of tiny dots. She has been featured and praised by media outlets the world over, has sold original pieces to people in dozens of countries, and sells prints worldwide.  She will be offering a handful of original…

The Music Store – Booth 35

Guitars, ukuleles, djembes and other music accessories. [button size=”small” link=”” target=”_blank” color=”gray”]Website[/button] [button size=”small” link=”” target=”_blank” color=”blue”]Facebook[/button]

One Oak Studio – Booth 24

Weston Alan Smith works with recycled metal to create unique sculptures. He takes old metal that people see as junk and repurposes it to make one of a kind work. Pieces of work that Weston has created include dinosaurs, farm animals, mythical creatures, sea creatures, and many more. [button size=”small” link=”” target=”_blank” color=”gray”]Website[/button]

Sandstone Images – Robert Lefkow – Booth 30

“Born in New York, I worked as an engineer until discovering the west in the early 90’s. After experiencing the incredible assortment of shapes, colors, and textures of the Colorado Plateau, I relocated to St. George and set to work improving my photographic techniques in an attempt to capture and share my surroundings. My goal…

Wendy J Photo – Booth 23

“I fell in love with photography after receiving my first camera, the ever popular 1960’s Kodak Instamatic 126 with it’s square flash cubes. Moving to the Northwoods of Minnesota during Junior High, I bought my first SLR and built a darkroom in the family basement. Both actions intensified my love and learning of wildlife and…