This form is for Pre-Approved vendors whom have received a confirmation notice.

    Step 1: Provide your information

    Booth Size:
    10' x 10' - $12510' x 20' - $25010' x 10' Educational - FreeEducational Table - Free

    Vendor Type (Check all that apply):
    ArtClothesCraftsEducationalFair TradeFood ItemsHealth / BodyJewelryOther

    By submitting this form, I agree to abide by the Zion Canyon Music Festival Rules and Regulations. I guarantee that the art/craft described in this application to be considered is my own original work, a fair-trade item, educational, or approved commercial is consistent with the rules and guidelines. I also guarantee that all information provided in this application is truthful and accurate.

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    Step 2: Submit your payment
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    Step 3: Additional info
    Once we've received your payment and application, we'll send a confirmation email. You will reply to the confirmation email with photos of your booth, products, and logo for the listing on our site. If you already have a listing on our site, you do not need to send additional images (unless you want to update them.)

    Step 4: Supply your Liability Insurance information
    If you already have liability insurance, you will need to add the following as Additionally Insured on your insurance and send us a copy:

    Dixie State University and Zion Events LLC
    OC Tanner Amphitheater
    144 Lion Blvd
    Springdale, UT 84767

    If you need liability insurance for the weekend, use this link to register insurance coverage at our event starting at $49. (Use the coupon code EVENT10 to get a discount) When filling out their form, be sure to "Add Registered Event", and select the music festival.

    Educational booths that are not distributing/selling products do not require liability insurance.