Virgin Valley RecyclingVirgin Valley Recycling cares about the world that we live in and is driven to help safeguard the environment by keeping electronic waste from reaching our landfills. By using responsible recycling habits you can help us achieve that goal. Our goal is to reuse and extend the life of as many items as possible and to provide an acceptable alternative to e-waste in our landfills. With that in mind we are able to look at the components in the recycled electronics and see wonderful different uses for them in the making of jewelry. All of the jewelry items are handmade from recycled electronics that come through our doors. This year we will also have re-useable unpaper towels at our booth.

Unpaper towels are an eco-friendly alternative to regular paper towels. They are made of various types of fabrics and since they are cloth, they can be washed and reused. They also tend to be much softer and more absorbent then regular paper towels. Not to mention so much prettier! They snap together and roll up just like regular paper towels, thereby allowing you to place them on a regular paper towel holder. We look forward to being at Music Fest each year! Please stop by the booth and say HI!

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